Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Win A Metal Detector Competition

New childrens competition where you can win a Black Knight metal detector. competition donations by Paypal: simply go to and cli…

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24 Responses to “Win A Metal Detector Competition”

lewis poli Says:

i have to win becuses i love metal detecting and my frend dave runs a metal detecting club

Zox VideoBox Says:

Do you think a garrett ace 150 is a good metal detector?

ECTreasureHunters Says:

As always great job Dan. Nice way to give back and get the kids out.

-=The Twins=- Bill and Bob

kyle fields Says:

im so excited!!!! good luck everyone!! :D

ItsJixz Says:

Omg look at 4:30 in the Left window

Lozrocks13 Says:

Hi dan, I was watching your videos and I know you like to inspire people to go metal detecting, I have never entered one of your competitions, so I don’t really know how it goes, anyway, sorry I couldn’t make a video it’s because my cam isn’t working so I thought this is the least I could do. Me and my dad

Lozrocks13 Says:

…. are going to start metal detecting so he told me to do some research and is told him about you and u use a garret at pro and you find lots of great things so we are looking to buy one but I love the look at this one and would love a go at trying to win it many thx xxx

Lozrocks13 Says:

Sorry I accidently posted it in two parts!

Lozrocks13 Says:

Omg tht is so scary,…. 4:30 ….the left window

Harris Masson Says:

i canot find your email

drewdiva1 Says:

i would love to enter for my sister jazz dennis but i don’t understand HELLP!!!!

Harris Masson Says:

did you get my email

lewis poli Says:

dear deep digger dan i would not only look for treasure i would treasure the black night as well lewis age 9 get in

oliver reeves Says:

done and sent

TheApexFactor Says:

Should I put just my country and province or address?

Brendan McDonald Says:

4:28! The ghost!

Wayne Shaw Says:

If you look at it right it’s a fat guy working about lol

Wayne Shaw Says:

Walking about-__-

Adam & Mary McGinnes Says:

Ghost in the window

Stenwolf L. Says:

4:29 i shit you not…there is someone moving in the window??? dude…that is legitly scaring the shit out of me…was someone walking outside that time dan??? please answer!! ;_;

ww2reenactors Says:

If you can here because of the Ghost Vid, Look at 4:27-4:31

Sg Phillips Says:

Here we go! Good luck everyone.

kyle fields Says:

im so exsited!!!!86 minuts left!good luck every one! im so exsited im shaking!

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