Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Top Finds & Metal Detecting Interview with Bill Ladd & Howard Hewitt, Treasure/Relic hunting

A compilation of some recent & best finds footage edited around a sit down interview we did last year for a “sizzle reel”. We explain how we do it, tell stor…

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24 Responses to “Top Finds & Metal Detecting Interview with Bill Ladd & Howard Hewitt, Treasure/Relic hunting”

Daddydigger1 Says:

I can’t believe you guys don’t have your own show on The History Channel like those other two guys! Way more cooler finds too. HH and keep away from Archies! Dave.

Bill Ladd Says:

Howard doesn’t do the computer stuff, so I’ll try to ask him & report back. Thanks 4 watching, Bill

LycomingWarrior Says:

Great stuff. Howard is too extreme at times

cycloneCJproducts Says:

you need your own show..all the other shows are boring and fake…love your videos guys!

fordxbgtfalcon Says:

what intro music is that on some of your video’s? its sounds awesome yet familial?

Bill Ladd Says:

everyone else loves it….there’s plenty of nice boring quiet detecting videos out there that might suit U better…

Bill Ladd Says:

some kinda free music I got online. Not sure what its from but found out the hard way when I used other music that was copywritten :(

michael esposito Says:

love watching you two. you bring history back to life when you dig it up. keep it going

behrozzz Says:

im getting interested

ozziepete55 Says:

You two fella’s are so right in what you both say. I have been recovering Australian Goldfield anf towsite history for 17 years and I right into the reserch. Please keep the videos coming. Pete

RecoverRingJunkKeys Puget Sound Money Hound Says:

I love you guys. The passion for the past and the connection to the linear left is powerful and you guys do a good job at descibing that. Keep diggin!

terry ladouceur Says:

great video i like that it’s not just the metal detecting with you guys great job.

Jersey Hunter Says:

Thanks Bill, I look forward to it.

DarJadon Says:

I’m finally able to explore my passion for treasures since I was a child. I could sit and talk you both for days!! There is so much to learn here and research. Enjoying the videos~ Dar

Bill Ladd Says:

Great to meet U too! Was a surprise being so far from home. HH, Bill

Bill Ladd Says:

U mean the 2 guys who just found their first large cent? ;)

MrKevinbrian Says:

Awesome video, men!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I wish that the History Channel or the Nat. Geo. channel would sit up and take notice of some true blue guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Jordan Butler Says:

Hey Bill and Howard, as a digger myself your bottle digging and metal detecting videos are awesome. You guys are inspirational, the next time i go for a hunt i’m going search beyond the briers to find that hidden bottle dump or colonial mill. Like you said in the video Passion is what makes this hobby so fun. HH

cheyenne allen jr Says:

hey bill ladd i look up to u i love your videos i wish i could go on some hunts with u guys u are kickass

jdu1946 Says:

My Hats off to you guys, very interesting presentation. Wishing you lots of luck in the future>

david harley Says:

you guys do great in woods, i like to detected in woods i found some old foundtion where the best place to detected near foundation and Wells?

unfoundbassist Says:

great videos guys, I just started treasure hunting in Maine with my wife and it is inspiring to see the finds you guys get. We both got detectors last year and have been waiting most of the winter to use them on our land, there is an old foundation and well on our property so we hope to find some good stuff. the past few weeks we have been going to the beaches in hopes of finding some goodies but so far just a lot of cans and bottle caps as well as a small amount of coins, Good times :D

archeodigger Says:

Bill, Howard and you perfectly described exactly how I feel when finding and old artifact or coin. That sense of connection with our past and the stories behind how and why someone may have lost something so many years ago is what drives me to research and search the Earth for these objects. When I find a coin, especially one larger than a dime, it really makes me wonder what kind of impact it had on the person who lost it. Thanks again for really speaking for all us detectorists! GL&HH Doug

mattockmanxs Says:

Always enjoyed watching your videos in NH. Are you from NH? If so what town? I am having a hard time finding any virgin spots left. I always wonder when I go out into the woods and see it has been hit hard, if it was you Bill. LOL…..I belong to a local forum here in NH. It would be cool if you joined and popped in now and then to help with any questions some of it’s members have. If you are interested go to nhbobsmetaldetectingforum and check it out. Thanks Bill……… Mattockman

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