Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Introduction to the Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Remake of the old Fisher F2, the best entry level metal detector on the market. Why is the Fisher F2 the best metal detector on the market? -The F2 has extre…

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25 Responses to “Introduction to the Fisher F2 Metal Detector”

Russ Balbirona Says:

You can get that deal most anywhere. If you go to big boys hobbies tell Bart, Russ said “Hello!”

LordRadu Says:

Question I have is that pin pointer that comes with it, What is the brand? I bought a bounty Hunter pin pointer (It was all I could afford at the time) and it lasted maybe a month. It works when it wants to and the depth it goes is horrible you have to actually touch the object for it to go off. How good is that pin pointer?

49erdigging Says:

I swing an f4 new to it learning it slow had an issue with machine jumping all over the place was gonna sent it back but its working now??? Thanks for the info on f2 though informative! I will try and do the f4 justice I just need more swing time!! HH….GL

rockheadOH Says:

I agree with you Russ 100%. I’m not running an F2, but the numeric value is something that other entry level machines need to incorporate ! That is one heck of a deal for an entry level machine ! I’d like to run one just to compare . Unfortunately I’m not near Big Boys….I’ll have to check around my area for a test drive.
Great info….thanks

Russ Balbirona Says:

rockhead- Just wanted to make sure you knew it wasn’t just big boys hobbies at that price, any dealer will get it to you at that price. The F2 is a great little machine. So is the new Eutortek and Eurotek pro especially at 159.00 and 219.00, you may want to to check into those too. I’ve done a quick video on the Eurotek and I will be doing several more in much more detail on the Eurotek pro and Eurotek. -Russ

Amitzi Vitzie Says:

I bought the ACE 250. Its ok but I would buy something else if I could do it again

MrTmshaft Says:

Bought a ace 350 a month ago from advise from a friend and wish I would have bought a f4 guess you got to do your homework

DignupTexas Says:

I have the F2. it’s a great entry level detector. I would recommend it to anyone just starting out and not wanting to spend a lot of money. You can get the F2, F-Pointer and three search coils from for $275, or just the F2 for $199. There’s another package but I went with the 3 search coils/pin-pointer. A pin-pointer is a MUST!

Thanks for the video Russ! Always enjoy watching!

DistractionCascade Says:

how deep can it see?

Keith Stevens Says:

I have a garrett at pro that i got 2 years ago and i just got a fisher f 2 a few weeks ago so i can bring friends along.i took the f2 to a spot that i’ve gone over with the at pro 10 15 times and the f2 got a good signal and pulled an indian head penny i was amazed.there was a inch of snow and it was 6 inches in the dirt.

Keith Stevens Says:

its a fisher pin pointer but they are the same. i have them both.i got the garrett pro-pointer a few weeks ago it awesome.

Russ Balbirona Says:

Keith- I’ve had a simular incident. I had spent a total of 17 hours in a section of wooded area with my AT-Pro, that produced 42 wheat pennies during my hunts, but not a single piece of silver. I bought my Fisher, and went to the section of woods and pulled a 1950 Franklin half and a silver rosie my first hunt with the Fisher, which was about 2 hours worth. -Russ

Russ Balbirona Says:

8-9 inches on a coin sized target easily. -Russ

Russ Balbirona Says:

Thanks for the great comment! -Russ

Russ Balbirona Says:

The good news is that metal detectors are liquid you can sell them for very little loss. Put that 350 up on the auction site and contact Bart at big boys hobbies for a great deal on an f4. Tell him I said hello too! -Russ

Russ Balbirona Says:

Like I told MrTmshaft, The good news is that metal detectors are liquid you can sell them for very little loss. Put that 250 up on the auction site and contact Bart at big boys hobbies for a great deal on an f4. Tell him I said hello too! -Russ

DistractionCascade Says:

Holy cow!

Madison Maine Says:

Good work Russ. The target ID number for a $200 machine is awesome.

Russ Balbirona Says:

Thanks! I have to agree Madison Maine, you don’t see VDI on machines in that price range. Accpet now the Teknetics Eurotek and Eurotek Pro have them see my videos on these two machines.

shawn1744 Says:

I would recommend the new coinmaster GT. It is the same machine as the whites Prizm 6T was. It has great depth and great sepration and has a backlight for night hunting. check it out. I am not a dealer….

Russ Balbirona Says:

Shawn1744- Thanks for the great information! I appreciate your comment. I had the Prizm 6T and man it was too “chatterery” for me. Take care and happy hunting! -Russ

MauiFinds Says:

Yes! I’ve been VERY happy with my Fisher F2 …a “lady” and her Fisher… lol :)


Russ Balbirona Says:

A lady always dominates her environment…LOL Thanks for watching! -Russ

Mic Micson Says:


slimfishing Says:

Ace 250

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